Monday, April 28, 2008

Alysha 5 mos 20 days

Dah lama x update ttg Alysha. Well, skrg nih dah :

  • pandai tepuk2 tangan w/pun dalam 20x tepuk tuh cuma sekali jer yg berbunyi
  • melompat2 bila dipegang...lenguh tangan dibuatnya
  • bila meniarap, dah pandai pusing2 clockwise or anti clockwise
  • prefer meniarap dari posisi menelentang bergerak ke kanan berbanding ke kiri
  • berguling/bergolek - meniarap then turn balik then niarap lagi....
  • tido pon dah lasak..memalam pernah few times sedar2 je dia dah nak sampai ke hujung katil...isk...
  • dah makin byk 'vocab'...selain 'aah' uuu' dah pandai babble 'abba' 'bbuaa' 'abbu' 'muaaa' meaning dia dah selitkan consonant selain dari vocal je b4 this
  • ambik mainan n ngap masuk mulut
  • boleh pindahkan satu barang dari tangan kanan ke tangan kiri and vice versa
  • suka nak ambik 'buah' heart shaped from my bracelet n ngap masuk mulut
  • kenal nama dia sendiri bila dipanggil even dari jauh
  • paling suka dgn abgcik/abg adam dia, nampak muka abg cik pon dia dah tersenyum..dgn abg haiqal dia x brp berkenan ntah kenapa
  • paling suka buat bubbles sampai meleleh2 air liur
  • dan lagi satu, dah reti pegang botol susu sendiri even lom expert lagi..kekadang tgh syok minum, tgn dia sendiri g tarik botol tu dari mulut dia...mula nak nangis manja

Dari quotation di far mmg perasan Alysha x suka main dgn kaki dia n takde anxiety towards strangers lagi, maybe sbb mmg hidup dia dah dikelilingi ramai orang everyday, sbb tu kot x takut dgn org(setakat ni ler..tak tau ler kot esok lusa camne).

Quoted from

5 months

• Can distinguish between bold colors

• Can roll over

• Amuses himself by playing with hands and feet

• Turns toward new sounds

• Recognizes own name

• May sit momentarily without support

• Mouths objects

Stranger anxiety may begin

6 months
• Turns toward sounds and voices

Imitates sounds, blows bubbles

• Rolls in both directions

• Reaches for objects and mouths them

• Sits without support

• Is ready for solids

• May lunge forward or start crawling

• May jabber or combine syllables

• May drag object toward himself

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Working moms....

My lil' angel

Sometimes i wonder on why do we need to work?Kalau tak keje tak boleh ke?Emm..being a woman, of course it is not COMPULSORY for me to work. It is a custome that husbands MUST have a job, at least.

How about the wives??? Well, during my mom/grandmom/great grandmom...'s time, most of the women in Msia just stayed at home being a full time housewife and took care of the children. But things changed...

After completing my first degree, the first thing that came to my mind is to find a good job.of course. The idea of being a full time housewife has never came accross my mind. But now, after having 4 wonderful children and being working for about 11 years(oh dear!Have i worked that long???), I'm looking forward for a more 'relaxed' job where I can spend more time on my kids rather than bringing back loads of work to be done at home...sigh...

According to Wikipedia, "The expression "work-life balance" was first used in the late 1970s by organisations such as New Ways to Work and the Working Mother's Association in the United Kingdom (the phrase was first used in the United States in 1986). "Work-life balance" was coined to address the unhealthy life choices that many people were making; they were choosing to neglect other important area of their lives such as family, friends, and hobbies in favor of work-related chores and goals.

Unfortunately, many women feel additional stress when they must decide what they feel is best for their families or what is best for their career. Lawyer Lisa Kay Bennett is presently searching for a job. Ms. Bennett has fourteen years of litigation experience and has been a Federal judge clerk. However, after sending fifty resumes to various firms and companies, she has received only two responses for low-paying positions. The problem is the fact that this highly qualified lawyer took seven years off to raise her children. According to Sylvia Hewlett, president of the Center for Work-Life Policy, if a woman takes time off to care for children or an older parent, employers tend to “see these people as less than full committed. It’s as though their identity is transformed.” [15] Brett Graff, Nightly Business Report correspondent states that (because a female may have trouble re-entering the market or, if she does find a position, it will likely be a lower position with less pay) “If you thought choosing a baby name was hard, you have yet to wrestle with the idea of leaving your career to be a full-time mom or take care of an older parent…Most will want to reenter, but will do so accepting lesser positions or lower wages.” [16] This circumstance only increases the work-life balance stress experienced by many women employees.
Similar discrimination is experienced by men who take time off or reduce working hours for taking care of the family.
An increasing number of young children are being raised by a
childcare provider or another person other than a parent, and older children are more likely today to come home to an empty house and spend time with video games, television and the internet with less guidance to offset or control the messages coming from these sources. No one knows how many kids are home after school without an adult, but they know the number is in the millions. Also, according to a study by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, the “more time that children spent in child care, the more likely their sixth grade teachers were to report problem behavior.” [17] The findings are the results of the largest study of child care and development conducted in the United States; the analysis tracked 1,364 children from birth."

There were times when I just feel like quitting my job and to stay at home being with the children and watch them grow each day. Time flies so fast that my eldest one is already 10 this year. She's no longer my baby daughter (although she acted as one sometimes..giggle) and in a couple of years time she will start her secondary school etc. Hmmm...I'm still trying to find ways that I can still watch them grow and at the same time I still get my paycheck every month :).

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Few hours at Lumut Waterfront

Last Sunday boring2 duk umah ajak hubby kuar jln2 n then dia proposed gi Lumut Waterfront sbb boleh lepas budak2 tu main kt playground kt, off we went...mula2 sampai tuh panas terik sangat padahal dah pukul 4 hubby ajak pekena ABC n laicikang..fuh...sodapppp....tak sampai 1/2 jam camtuh...mendung gelap la cepat2 minum pastu caucincau cepat2 sebelum dilanda hujan are some of the pics taken there...

3 budak nakal....

best bergambar kat tepi laut nih
tengokla Alysha tarik
telinga abg Adam dia smp
terteleng2 tu ha..sian abg
Adam, tahan je la adik
nak buat apa pun
2 best buddies
ala...Alysha pon nak turun main playground jugak nihhh

dah puas main
ayah offer ABC dgn laicikang
pulak...apa lagi...

syafiqah dgn bibik...hampir sama ketinggian

sian bibik...teringat anak kt manjalengka, indon la tueeeee

Bathing time...yayyyy

Alysha masa awal2 dalam pantang dulu mesti nangis tiap kali dimandikan...taktau lah nape...tapi, lepas tuh, pantang mandi mesti gumbira sakan...sib baik belum pandai nak tepuk2 air, kalau tak mau basah lencun gak tukang memandikan dia tu...setakat umo 5 bulan ni, kalau dimandikan takat hentak2 air dgn kaki jelah...tangan blom pandai tepuk2 lagi

nih pics Alysha dari belum mandi sampaila dah comey berbedak berlotion segala..

saya dah chomeyyyyy dan wangiiiiiii

Monday, April 7, 2008

Alysha 5 mos

pejam celik..pejam celik..dah 5 bulan rupanya anak last saturday, brought her for her 5 mos jab...yg bestnya, dh la pegi jmp paed baru...dia boleh terkekek2 gelak pulak dgn paed tu...sampai paed tu pun heran...kene jab pon kerut dahi kejap je pastu sambung gelak...

nih pic alysha meniarap...dah siap2 nak g jmp paed

alysha blom mandi

sempat tido seround dlm buai sebelum kene jab

ada cam muka ayah tak???hehe

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