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Alysha busyukkk

Lama Ummi tak hapdet ttg Alysha..Ummi bizi yg amat sekarang nih...isk...lagi seminggu lebih je anak Ummi sorang tuh nak masuk 10 bulan..isk..tak lama lagi cukup la setahun..bila nengokkan Alysha skrg ni mmg dah nampak berubah ke toddler dah...dah makin hilang ciri-ciri kebayian..hehe..(ada ke word kebayian)...her progress now: -dah expert merangkak & duduk dengan stabil . -dah merangkak carik Ummi dalam bilik tido & ada one time tuh dah merangkak nak masuk bilik air..isk..nasib baik nampak . -pastu sekarang ni pantang nampak rak tv & kerusi,sibuk pull herself up pastu sepah2 CD yang ada kat rak tv tuh . -kalo duk atas katil pulak, sibuk merangkak sampai ke hujung katil pastu tukar position jadi meniarap,tangan sibuk tepuk-tepuk rangka katil tuh . -at last, sama macam abg haiqal n abg adam, tumbuh gigi sulung masa umo 9 mos...Alysha tumbuh gigi bawah dulu tapi Ummi tengok macam senget la pulak gigi dia..hemm..patutla, kene cirit-birit seminggu +demam 2 hari,rupanya nak tumbuh gigi..…

TAG by Mummy HnH - 51st MERDEKA Celebration!!!

51st MERDEKA Celebration!!!
Happy 51st MERDEKA Celebration!!!
Yep, I'm proud to be Malaysian, and mind you I've high 'patriotism spirit'... heheh... eventho I have to work on Merdeka Day (what to do, my work nature is like that), doesn't mean that I forget about 'this day' okey... Agreed, that we're currently facing one of the most unstable political state, but, let's forget about it for a while... Let's reminiscing 51 years ago history, on how our grandparents struggled for the independence day... Thank to them, we managed to live blissfully today... and may our kiddies generations will live happily too... Amin!

I got this from Mummy HnH (againnn... hahaha), and passing this tag to...
whoever read this entry... show your patriotism! ;)

*begin copy*

1-Add your site(s) to the list if you're a proud Malaysian Blogger!
2-Pass this tag to as many Malaysian Blogger as you know, or if you're interested but nobod…

Nice flowers...nice words...


Award - Spread the luv..


Got this award from zurina

This award is for those bloggers who are

nice people;

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those who inspire good feeling and inspiration also for those who are a positive influence on our blog world.


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To all my dearie virtual friends, you deserve it!











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Game of 5" Tag

Tagged by Mummy HnH

(1) What were you doing 5 years ago?
2003? Just completed my Masters Degree(2) What were the 5 things on your to do list today (August 22nd, 2008, Friday)?
1- Attend the rehersal ceremony this morning
2- Complete the conclusion part of my joint paper
3- Hapdet blog
4- Fill up the medical leave and claim forms
5- Pumping and pumping as usual...

(3) What are 5 snacks that you enjoy?
1- Any kind of chocolate will do -black or white choco-all are fine with me(fatty)
2- Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence Cake(more fatty)
3- Banana Fritters
4- Sunflower Seeds
5- 'Asam-asaman'

(4) What are 5 things that you do if you were a billionaire?
1- Settle CC and tutup akaun terus
2- Pergi Mekah
3- Dah settle gi Mekah, nak travel dgn family-1st destination will be Newcastle Upon Tyne...wendu benar
4- Buka business, taknak keje makan gaji lagik
5- Beli asset sebanyak mungkin sambil beramal

(5) What are 5 jobs you've had? and still doing ?
1- Accounting Lecturer
2- Wife to my husband
3- M…

Ummi 'Enterprem' Pulak


Congratulations to dear hubby!!!

Alhamdulillah...after all the hard work, efforts and pressure for about 2 years, hubby dearie successfully completed his Masters in Mechanical Engineering from UTM...alhamdulillah...syukur now,every weekend la hubby boleh balik ke Perak ni..takdela terkejar2 dgn study lagi, dgn outstation sana-sininya, nak jenguk anak isterinya lagi.....dah selesai pun Majlis Konvokesyen ke 41 di UTM Skudai last Saturday....fuh...tetiba one day after the convocation day, hubby tetiba cakap teringin pulak nak sambung buat Phd...erk...cukupla dulu hubby dearie...let us settle down under one roof first...lepas tuh, boleh la sama2 kita buat Phd, okay? . . tadi baru collect robe utk my convocation konon..heheh..tapi kene paksa gi convocation this sunday...last year ngelat tak pegi sbb tgh boyot...tapi pegi amik robe tadi best pulak sbb robe tuh bukannya dgn mortar board tapi dgn bonnet!!!wahhh...merasa la pakai bonnet even lom ada Phd..amin..moga2 ada rezeki buat Phd pasni


1. 1st time naik kapal terbang :
tahun 1997 ke Heathrow,London. Pertama kali naik flight and all alone(bosan giler 16 hrs of journey,xde org nak diajak berbual)...g jumpa hubby kat sinun..

2. 1st time beranak :
July 1998.

3. 1st time gi oversea :
errr thailand pun oversea kan?Tahun 1987 rasanya, gi Thailand

4. 1st time duduk jauh drp family :
Umo 13 tahun dah kene masuk boarding school...byk rugi woo..rugi masa ngan kids pasnih insyaallah, akan dibenarkan berjauhan bila dah masuk U nanti jer

5. 1st time keje :
1993-cuti sem panjang..jadi minah pegang duit sendiri

6. 1st time rasa gemuk :
err..umm..dari tingkatan satu kot...till now :)

7. 1st time bercinta :
haha byk cintan-cintun monyet jer..yg kekal ngan dear hubby sekarang ajer

8. 1st time rasa diri cantik :

9. 1st time masuk cinema :
wktu darjah berapa tah..parent bawak tgk movie citer Badul tajuk dah lupa la...

10. 1st time admitted in hospital :
1998-bersalinkan Syafiqah


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Dapat award ni dari ellyn

Brilliant Award is a prize given to sites and blogs that are smart n brilliant(macam tak caya je if referred to my blog hehe) both in their content and their design. The purpose of the prize is to promote as many blogs as possible in the blogsphere. here are the rules to follow:
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Weekend activity & Shopping

Last weekend was sooo packed with unexpected activities. To summarize: Saturday: Attended wedding ceremony of Fazlan's sister(Fazlan=suami kpd Zurina, Zurina adalah anak kepada abang hubby yg sulung). Lps attend wedding tu, ada mcm some sort of family gathering pulak kat hotel tmpt ayah Zurina menginap(me n my family, Ila(hubby's niece) and family, kak Zah(hubby's sister) n hubby, adik Mi(hubby's younger brother) n family, kak Teh(hubby's sister) and mak Tok.After chitchatting for about 3 hours, we decided to go home and mak Tok(who has been forced to attend hubby's convocation in Skudai this weekend,will be following abg Mail to Kt Tinggi on Sunday) has decided to stay overnight at my house. During the journey back to Tronoh, we decided to join Ila in Seri Manjung for dinner(as she mentioned that she has deer's meat to be cooked that night) and sent text message to her asking her to cook nice food for us..haha. We had a nice dinner of Rendang Daging Rusa, Sa…

Heat, mosquitoes and new purchases

It was soooo warm and heaty on Sunday night. Ended up, me and Alysha could not get the good sleep we should have. The stand fan was on the maximum volume and yet Alysha was trying very hard to sleep but then awoke due to the heat and also disturbances from the mosquitoes. I was like trying to get a nice sleep as well but I kept on waking up and the clock showed 12.30, 1.00, 2.15,3.00,3.30-this is when I noticed the porch light was switched off and I could see that the living room's light was switched on. Funny!!!I got up to see what's happening there and to my surprise I found out that all lights were switched on and Siti(my helper) was sweeping the floor.
I looked at her and said
'Siti, tahu tak jam berapa sekarang?'
and she did not answer but smile as usual.
I said to her again,
'Cuba tengok jam kat dinding tu betul2, baru jam tiga setengah, bukannya enam suku'.
She stopped sweeping the floor and erased her eyes while looking at the clock and then she said …

08.08.08- Alysha Iman is 9 months today

Alysha is 9 months old today...will update on her progress next week :)

Selamat pengantin baru buat Ida

SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU Arrival of the groom (from Pahang).
Bride and groom. Berarak untuk bersanding.
With the neighbours
My ex-babysitter-Liza tgh pulun lagu 'Gadis Melayu' in my hse compound.
Kak Nora(jiran) tgh menghayati lagu sambil diperhatikan oleh Syafiqah.

Ida- the bride.
Selamat pengantin baru buat Ida dan suami---semoga bahagia dan berkekalan ke akhir hayat.

Alysha dah sembuh...alhamdulillah

Tepat seperti jangkaan Dr Afifah KPMC yg predict paling lambat Alysha sembuh pun hari Selasa...dan alhamdulillah,mulai dari Isnin malam Alysha dah takde bangun malam nangis-nangis sakit perut sambil poopoo....dan Ummi dia pon dah boleh tido lena macam biasa...:)



Surprisingly, semalam balik dari ofis, Ummi duk panggil2 Alysha yang tgh main atas katil...tetiba dia datang merangkak 3 steps...selama nih dia mmg dah position herself to crawling position tapi x berani nak menapak...rupanya dia nak tunjuk 1st step dia merangkak depan Ummi jugak...sbb bila tanya Kak Siti katanya Alysha blom merangkak...



Pic2 di bawah ni diambil pada hari Ahad, dah bersiap nak pergi ke rumah pengantin--next door aje...

Tuan puteri dah siap sedia nak serbu umah pengantin next door.

Lamanya tunggu Ummi nih, tak datang2 jemput Tuan puteri pon.

Nak golek-golek la dulu.

En. Spongebob, jomla ikut saye g makan nasi beriani kat luar tuh.

Abang Cik, jomla g mamam cepat.

Uwaa, En Spongebob n Abg Cik nanak temankan saye …

Macam-macam hal

I was on leave from Thursday (emergency leave-Alysha x sihat) and Friday (balik KL)..& selama cuti 4 hari tu,macam2 hal terjadi...masuk ofis semula hari nih pulak ada meeting itu ini plus kene attend seminar lagi 1/2 day esok...isk...mmg berat rasa kepala dengan Alysha nya yg belum sembuh dari cirit-birit lagi...bercinta rasanya nak masuk ofis hari nih... . . tgh siap-siap nak datang keje, Alysha pulak jatuh buai wktu si Siti(maid) nak angkat dia kuar dari buai...isk...geram betullll...nasib baikla buai tu rendah je..less than one foot from the floor..but still....geram yang amat...tapi pendam jela..takkan nak marah beria pulak..lari karang sape yg susah...dah nasib dapat maid yg memang suka lekaaaa sgt...syukur Alysha xde apa2 I will update later esp on the wedding of my next door neighbour's daughter(neighbour in Semenyih, not in Perak)