Happy birthday...

...to my little cheeky boy

having you is such a great test from Allah
with your frequent asthma attacks
with 3 sudden fits which made me tremble to make sure you are fine
with your tantrums of wanting to get what you want

having you with us is such a great blessing
you bring joy and laughter to the family
you light up our lives

to my dearie FIRAS ZAHIN
may Allah bless you with the best health and all the great things in life
and most of all, 
Ummi doakan Adik menjadi anak yang soleh dan berjaya di dunia dan akhirat


  1. hepi besday dear...

    anak nureen isnin ni..
    gigih nureen wat cupcake mermaid, nk bwk blk kg mlm ni hehhe celerate awal kat sana :)

  2. happy birthday firas yg comel:) kejap jerk dah besar:)

    selamat hari raya aidilfitri buat akak sekeluarga:):)muaahhhhhh....

  3. amin.
    selamat hari jadi Firas sayang. semoga jadi anak yang baik dan sihat selalu hendaknya.

  4. Nureen,

    thanks for the wish....hepi besday utk anak nureen jugak ye

  5. Mieja,

    thanks for the wish..selamat hari raya juga :D

  6. Happy birthday buat Firas. Moga membesar menjadi juara dunia dan akhirat. Amin. :)


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