Spectra buat hal pulak...

As the milk production is slowly 'recovering' and increasing, I felt such a relief compared to last week when I only managed to get abt 3-4 oz per session compared to 6-7 oz per session during normal period. Unfortunately, yesterday evening, as I switched on the pump as usual, to my surprise there was NO suction at all...the machine seemed to be running...*sigh*... I was sooooo frustrated and I had to use back my Avent Isis due to this.... baru je duk fikir2 nak letgo Avent nih sbb dah lama sgt terperam je sbb tiap2 hari duk guna Spectra3...alih2 masih diperlukan lagi jasa khidmat Avent nih...dah call histopoint td n esok nak kene hantar tru poslaju ke histopoint...

now that my spectra needs to be warded in the ICU...i'm praying that it will get well very soon to serve me even better...aminnnn


  1. aduh...kena service gak ek..macam kereta..

  2. tulah lin..kalo dah brg elektrik tuh...nak kene antar servis cam keta la jugak isk


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