My new Spectra 3

I finally decided to buy a new Spectra 3 as an alternative to my Avent Isis. Reason for buying :

a) bm production is going down lately
b) need to do double pumping to increase bm
c) more confident that I can exclusively bf my lil alysha
d) it is the cheapest and effective electric breast pump recommended and used by most of my friends

Yesterday was a public holiday (Maulidur Rasul) and I took the opportunity to try my Spectra 3...and the result was very convincing...phew.. I made the right choice in buying my new gadget... (will update the pic of my new gadget sooonnn)


  1. pheww..ingatkan keta spectra..hehehe..apa2 pun, congrates and good luck in using ur new gadgets......;)


  2. hehe...bukan Kia Spectra aya...jgn silap laks...


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