Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A weekend at FRIM

I am sooooooo busy lately that I have left out this blog for a while...sian my blog...I have a lots to tell and lots of pics. to put here..but sooo little time to do, I'll just scribble a little here and the rest are some pics for this entry...

View from my room...sooooo calming

Another one shot

Kids watching cartoon in the living hall...

My sis Helen in her room, tgh siap2 nak keluar

Beramai-ramai nak sightseeing

Haiqal menung ape tu?

Ni pose b4 checkout...nampak Alysha waving bye2 to everyone

Budak baru baik demam yang x reti duk diam+x nak dipegang tangan...nak jalan sendiri

Amirul, Haiqal, Hanis


  1. nadnye

    eh..bukan semua anak2 akak tuh..tuh total cucu my kids=4, my sis's kids=3, my bro = 1

  2. salam Hez,

    saper dok FRIM? my bro stay kat sane, dok kat kuarters pegawai...

  3. Bib,

    yeke?majlis kawen my sis belah hubby dia buat kat dewan alwy kat FRIM tuh..diorg book guest hse utk rombongan pgtin ppuan


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