Game of 5" Tag

(1) What were you doing 5 years ago?
2003? Just completed my Masters Degree

(2) What were the 5 things on your to do list today (August 22nd, 2008, Friday)?
1- Attend the rehersal ceremony this morning
2- Complete the conclusion part of my joint paper
3- Hapdet blog
4- Fill up the medical leave and claim forms
5- Pumping and pumping as usual...

(3) What are 5 snacks that you enjoy?
1- Any kind of chocolate will do -black or white choco-all are fine with me(fatty)
2- Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence Cake(more fatty)
3- Banana Fritters
4- Sunflower Seeds
5- 'Asam-asaman'

(4) What are 5 things that you do if you were a billionaire?
1- Settle CC and tutup akaun terus
2- Pergi Mekah
3- Dah settle gi Mekah, nak travel dgn family-1st destination will be Newcastle Upon Tyne...wendu benar
4- Buka business, taknak keje makan gaji lagik
5- Beli asset sebanyak mungkin sambil beramal

(5) What are 5 jobs you've had? and still doing ?
1- Accounting Lecturer
2- Wife to my husband
3- Mother to 4 children
4- A cook in my house(I dont allow my maid to do the cooking)
5- A blogger....

Who are 5 person you want to tag?
1- haslina
2- diyaluna
3- zurina
4- nina
5- ena


settle dah tag kan another 5 of my friends...jgn lupa buat homework tawww


  1. banyak nyer soalan...insyallah free2 nanti saya buat ek...

  2. soalan banyak tapi senangggggggg

  3. kak muka mu nampak cute dan kurus arr kak...

  4. enaaaaa
    muka kurus kut sbb night wake up calls for alysha kot..isk..tak jugak..mukaku tembam maaaaa

  5. nina-tu sayer ker..hehehe..da tukar link la..tapi i try 2 answer the question

  6. a'ah nina tuh 'sayer' le
    owh dah tukar link ek


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