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Please copy the following rules in your post (as usual)
1. You have to point out 5 romantic movies that you would love to share with your loved ones.
2. It doesn't have to be in long as you love the movies, it will be fine.
3. You have to tag another 5 person to answer this tag.

My choice of romantic movies:

No 1. My favorite ever...can watch over and over again...TITANIC (1997)

2. Love this one too...really touched my heart...GHOST (1990)

3. Enjoyed this one too... PRETTY WOMAN (1990)

4. Yang ni sedey sket jalan ceritanya but I likeeeee....JUST LIKE HEAVEN (2005)

5. Last one....quite complicated relationship tapi happy ending...WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING (1995)

Well, mostly movies tahun 90s yang Ummi minat sangat...huhu...

Di kesempatan ini, Ummi nak tag mereka yang di bawah:

1) Nieja mama Suffiya
2) Nina mama Damiea
3) Del mama Anis
4) Mirah mama Khadijah
5) Adex mama twins Athirah & Athiqah



  1. alahai kak ina .. jenuhhhh ni .. homework kak ina kasi ...

    cerita hindustan aci tak ??? kekeekek

    gue minat hindustan jerkkk ...
    cerita india pun husband gue layan ... kekeekek

  2. nieja...

    tak kira citer ape pon..citer siam pon boleyyy...

    wahh..nahi-nahi..citer romantik diorg lagik meletopsssss


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