Adam and his new achievement

Contestants were having breakfast-fried meehoon and curry puff- before competitions started...

Adam showing his bored face, getting ready to start his coloring contest.

Just started his work...

Still coloring...

His final piece of coloring art
Adam receiving his hamper n cert- reti baca ke tuh Adam?

Too glaring...pic taken by amateur photographer..need lotsa improvement

A very proud face !!!

Last Saturday, Seri Iskandar public library together with 'Agensi Anti-Dadah Kebangsaan' held Storytelling(for primary school students), Singing (open to all children) and Coloring (for preschoolers and kindergarten children) competitions. Kakak was forced to take part in the Storytelling as one activity in her 'Tunas Budaya Club' cocuriculum meanwhile we just enrolled Adam to join the coloring contest for the second time(he was so depressed when he was not among the winners when he joined this competition 2 months back).

This time, I gave him several tips on the art of coloring though I'm not an artistic person myself hehe...When the contest started, he showed a gloomy face as none of his kindy friends were around taking part this time, but I gave him some words of encouragement...half way through, he told me that he's so tired and wanted to go back home....I persuaded him just to complete the coloring and then he can rest...finally, he's the first to complete the coloring and handed his completed work to the jury...After completing his work, his smile was back on his face as he started to play around with his brother,Haiqal. When the result was announced, surprisingly, Adam won the second place in the coloring contest...and he was sooooo was Ummi hehe..

Kakak started her story..

She couldn't finish her story right after this...pity her

After crying(teary eyes and red nose) ...with her best friend,Nayli

Then, we moved to the Storytelling competition where kakak was so stressed and came to me saying she didn't want to join but was forced to do so. As this was a requirement in her Tunas Budaya Club, I just told her not to stress out, stay calm and just to finish off her part...don't think of anything else. Later on, her name was being called upon to start her story titled "The Lucky Jack"...she started off very well with good intonation, loud and clear voice, good gestures etc..however, at the middle of the story..she stopped and scratching her head, wiping her face and I could clearly see that her face has turned pale...oh no!...she must be having nervous breakdown...she stopped talking, looked at the juries and just shook her head and went down from the stage...

She then accompanied by her best friend,Nayli, hid between the book racks and cried..and cried...and cried...I went there to console her asking what's wrong and she just keep crying...I hugged her tightly to let her feel secured and after few minutes, her cries ended...then only she managed to expresses her feelings-saying that she saw that the juries' faces were so fierceful as if they're going to gobble her up..and there were naughty secondary school boys making funny noises that distracted her and she just lost her words at that point...I said 'It's's not easy to stood in front of have proven your will get better from time to time...even ummi is an adolescent. I still have the nervous breakdown, stage fright whatsoever...I told her that the first day I start my lecture, I was sweating all over...even my hands were shaking when I was pointing to the slides...but things get better when the confidence level increases from time to time'...then she's able to smile again.
p/s nape entry kali nih in english?emm saje je..nak brush up balik english writing/vocab/grammar yg dah lama terkubur x digunakan hehe


  1. bagus adam..ada bakat rhupanyer...
    tp kecian kah syafikah..dia tak minat yea kak?

  2. lin, bakat?bolehla kot sikit2

    syafiqah minat tp dia takut bila berdepan dgn org..nervous sesangat..mcm ummi dia gak hehe


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