Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Being tagged for the first time...and by 2 friends at one time

deFuhhh...mende le bende2 tag nih...tak penahnya kene tag..tetiba kene tag oleh 2 org serentak norrita n limaunipis n on the same topics.

Rules:1. Link to the person that tagged you and posts the rules on your blog.
2. Share seven random and/or weird things about yourself.
3. Tag seven people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
4. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Wokeh...wokeh...here are 7 random/weird facts about myself:
  • Sebelum kahwin(meaning dari kecik sampailah ke anak dara) I really don't like small kids..dunno why...maybe sbb the gap between me n my youngest sister is 10 years?or maybe sbb umo 13 thn dh masuk boarding skool?that I don't have much opportunity to 'socialize' with small kids?or maybe being the firstborn in the family, I don't have the nephews/nieces until my sister Helen got her 1st son(at this time, I pon dah kawin)...but then lps kahwin and having my own kids....looking at small kids/babies will really make my day...rasa tenang je....

  • Nescafe will bless me with migraine...pls take note : only Nescafe brand, tak taulah kenapa..maybe the ingredient kot..ajaibnya I'm now addicted to the 3-in-1 coffee named Power Root Per'l Coffee (I know this addiction is really really harmful to my breastfeeding journey but I just can't help it)...

  • I love cooking, gardening etc but I just hate SEWING...isk..tangan bangku sungguh kalau datang bab menjahit ni...really can't take it...nak jahit koyak pon bercinta rasanya...dahle nowadays, there are no more badges/name tags that you can just pin it to your school uniforms...semuanya kena dijahit kat baju....isk....nak tak nak, terpaksa la jugak...

  • I am an introvert kind of person...kalau org yg x kenal MESTI ckp I ni sombong at first sight..but bila kenal..huh....baru tau mana langit mana bumi (macam tak kena je perumpamaan ni ye)...and one thing is that I treasure friendship very very much....

  • I'm good in memorizing numbers...maybe related kot dgn my accounting field nih...dulu wktu sekolah, klu nk buat any transactions, I don't need to refer to my bankbook pon sbb dah hafal no akaun bank tuh...till now, I can still remember my friends' birthdates (birthdate anak/husband/parent/sibling sume mmg xyah cakap le)n lots more...yg peliknya, dari kecik mmg tak suka...tak suka...tak suka...maths...

  • Love to watch tv..cumanya, bila dah ada anak 4 ni,masa terhad sikitla...yg sempat tgk skrg : Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, Bersamamu tv3 and a few more. Rancangan tv yg minat sgt wktu kecik2 dulu : Full house, Out of this world, Jam and the hologram,The Greatest American Hero (hehe...still boleh ingat the theme song) Isaura(spelling?) and many more.

  • Dapat breastfeed my 1st doter 2 minggu je(teramat2 cetek ilmu n x pro bf at this time), second and third children pon dpt bf kejap je sbb x tau boleh pam susu bila naik keje...my 4th one- alysha- alhamdulillah, masih mampu exclusively breastfeed tanpa mencampurkan formula milk even dah masuk keje 4 months ago...

Who are next to be tagged:
Selamat buat tag yer!!!


  1. hahahha...saya pun tak pernah kena tag...tetiba kak ina tag saya..erm...wokey..saya cuba buat..

  2. salam k ina...
    saya dh ada buat entry psl tag tu kat FP saya...nanti saya apdet nama k ina skali dlm tuh...tima kasih yer....

  3. idida

    alamak..sorile manja...hehe

  4. Salam, K.Ina...Alamak saya pun kena tag jugak ke? Amenda tag ni? Kerja sekolah ke? hehehe...Ada deadline ke? Nanti nanti dulu yer? Ada benda lebih penting kena settlekan. Saya tau ni pun, bila baca akak punya blog. Tak terima pun message dari akak kat fp saya...Nanti saya buat bila free ya, Insha-ALlah...


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