Chinese herbs

For the past 6 months, I've been struggling to ensure that my milk supply is enough for Alysha's consumption. I would love to keep lotsa ebm stocks like the others eg. limaunipis's stock as shown below

I am really inspired to make ebm stocks as many as the above. However, due to the fact that I only own a one door fridge, it is impossible for me to make lotsa ebm stocks at one time. Sekarang pon seminggu sekali mesti kene defrost freezer tuh, if not, dah macam rupa igloo dah. I missed my 3 door fridge kat semenyih.. :(

Last week, there were only about 4 cases of ebm stock left in the freezer and I freaked out just looking at the stock. What I did was to eat whatever food/drinks believed can help to boost milk production. Examples are dried longan, red dates, oat, dates, pil ASI, chinese herbs etc. Not forgotten that I increased my pumping session from 3 times to 4 times.

This is how the chinese herbs look like (before and after cooking) was really hard to explain to the chinese shop owner to buy this herbs...the result was marvellous indeed...

This is how the chinese herbs look like(consists of 7 different herbs) before boiling.

Chinese herbs after boiling with some water.

My 4 cases of ebm last week before consuming the chinese herbs (covered with 'snow' at the surface hehe).


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