Thursday, November 6, 2008

Alysha luvs balls...

Last Saturday, I drove to Tesco for the first time with Syafiqah & Adam...(Haiqal had to attend Kem Bistari Ibadat at his school)...luckily, the journey was smooth..about 30 minutes driving...we arrived there at about 9.45am, bought some groceries & toys/books for the kids and Alysha...
Sampai kat rumah je, terus keluarkan the 3 balls yang dibeli tadi bagi kat Alysha...she was sooo excited..geram banget dgn bola2 tuuuu...
Anyone care to play wif me???

I wanna play basketball

What to do wif these two..hmm?

Ummi nak ke bola ni?Nahla satu...satu je tau...


Mamam bola pon sedap nih


  1. ekekeke..geram tengok slisya ni..da boleh jalan da kak??

  2. happy birthday alysha...semoga menjadi anak yg solehah...aminnn

  3. nina,
    lom boleh jalan lagi...asek meniti je ke sana sini berpegang pada perabut/dinding


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