Good news???

At last...after months of waiting for the announcement...finally, it broke out officially during the company family day....
Rasanya dari bulan Jan haritu dah dengar rumours about salary revision nih...then, dah 3 kali nak dibuat pengumuman...tapi kensel lak..
Bila semua dah frust, ramaiiiiiii sangat quit...
it was approved...

Rezeki anak-anak...Ummi yang dah longlai nak keje kat sini tetiba ter'motivate' balik siikit...yup...kalau sesape yg belajar Business Admin...salah satu faktor yang boleh motivate employees according to Herzberg's Theory seperti di bawah:

One more motivation theory based on human needs was introduced by Frederick Herzberg. Two thousand engineers and office employees of a large paintwork company were asked to describe two types of on-the-workplace situations:

  1. When they felt especially satisfied with carrying out their functions
  2. When they felt especially dissatisfied with carrying out their functions

Results of the survey allowed Herzberg to distinguish between two categories of factors in the workplace resulting in job satisfaction. The theorist named two groups of factors: motivators and hygiene factors (see Illustration 3).

Illustration 3: Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction by Herzberg


Hygiene Factors

  • Achievement
  • Recognition
  • Work itself
  • Responsibility
  • Advancement
  • Company policy and administration
  • Supervision
  • Salary
  • Interpersonal relationship
  • Working conditions

According to Herzberg’s theory people have basic needs. He called them hygiene factors. Hygiene factors are tailored to intrinsic needs of a person (i.e. physiological needs and need for security and safety). At the same time they are connected with the working environment.

A manager should remember that hygiene factors do not motivate. If present, these factors prevent employees from becoming dissatisfied. Absence of hygiene factors results in dissatisfaction and de-motivation.
The second set of needs includes motivators. If resolved, motivators cause satisfaction of employees.


Wah wah...siap kuar teori lagik bila hati sudah gumbira...

InsyaAllah, payslip Jan 09 will show a different salary figure for Ummi...Amin...


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