Tag season again - from NINA

Musim tag melanda kembali
dari nina
(suka nor tag akak heheh)

Do you think you’re hot ?
HOT...bila naik hangin adala...

Upload your favorite picture of you!

Why do you like that picture?

takdela feveret sgt..tapi since I mmg tak suka bergambar..so...ada la beberapa kerat je pics of me

When was the last time you ate pizza ?

last week kat Shakey's Pizza...dating ngan haiqal..tak best sgt..sedap lagik Pizza Hut...

The last song you listen to?

my hp ring tone juz now..Ashley Simpson's hihi

What are you doing right now besides this ?
Sipping my hot coffee

What name would you prefer besides yours?

People to tag :
erl (aQim)

zurina (aina)

norita (nasa)

ira (ayna)

cikwawi (haikal)

Who is no.1
member forumer- very soft & sweet mommy

No.3 is having relationship with?
all her loving ones laaa

Say something about no.5
mama yang cumil kepada yaya yang cumil & haikal yang encem

How about no.4?
pretty mommy to cute ayna

Who is no.2
Zu - currently doing her Phd in UK..huhu..bestnya



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