Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Worst nightmare ever -Part 1

It started when Syafiqah started to cough+sore throat on Saturday...pegi klinik panel kat dalam ofis ni tutup pegi another klinik panel kat luar which I did not favor sangat...on Sunday, dia dah developed fever+vomitting...yup...tiap kali demam, dia mesti akan muntah2 sekali...on Monday morning, I took her to the panel clinic kt dalam ofis ni dan berjumpa dengan permanent doc which is Doc. S...before prescribing the medicines, kakak slowly whispered to be given tablet kind of medicine instead of syrup-like...sebab dia susah sikit nak telan ubat air nih,komfem kuar balik later...

Doc. S bagi ubat demam tablet which is Ponstan, ubat batuk syrup kaler hitam(sbb xde ubat batuk tablet), antibiotik syrup (pon sbb xde antibiotik tablet for kids) dan juga untuk ubat muntah dia bagi Maxolon tablet (dosage-1 tablet 1/2 hour b4 makan)...

later that night...aktiviti biasa kami 5 beranak ialah bergolek-golek dalam bilik tido sambil bergurau-senda...then, Syafiqah mengadu lidah dia terasa numb/kebas...I noticed that she started to speak unnaturally due to her numb tounge...I thought it's something like digigit semut ke etc...then, dia berbaring atas tilam dia & she seemed to behave quite weird... tergelak-gelak...tetiba, I saw her neck was flexing to the right upwards...dia sempat cakap 'Ummi, leher Kakak takleh tegak...sakitttt'...her tounge was protruding and her eyes was slowing deviating upwards...memula, kami ingatkan dia main-main sbb mmg kami tengah bergelak ketawa eventhough deep inside I dont think she was playing Adam pulak cakap 'kakak nih macam OKU pulak'...terus si Kakak meraung as she's having pain and Adam was saying such thing to that moment, 1001 things came into my head at once...I hugged her and I could feel her head was tossing upwards...then I called her' Kakak!!!!' dia dah merengek and cakap 'leher kakak sakitttt'....

Ya Allah! What's happening to my daughter???Am I losing her? Is she getting a fit? Is she ...this? Is she...that? In panic, I could still calmly asked her on what she ate that night to cause her be like that...I got dressed and managed to alert myself to bring all her medicine that she took that night and rushed her to the panel clinic again...Adam insistedly want to follow and I allowed him to give me some strength...sepanjang perjalanan ke klinik tu...I kept calling her name to keep her awake (macam duk tgk dlm TV tu...)....telling her how much me & hubby love her...telling her to fight whatever 'disease' that's attacking her...mintak dia recite surah-surah al Quran dan mintak tolong Adam sama-sama bacakan with me...Ya Allah! Only He knew how was I at that moment....

(to be continued-Part 2)


  1. ish2.... nape???? suspen laaa...

  2. oh my. kenapa ni? kenapa? risau saya dibuatnya.

  3. ya allah...semoga permudahkan semuanya..amin

  4. thanx for all your concerns...nantikan sambungannya ye

  5. kak ina,

    takutnya teddy's kakak now..moga semernya dilindungi Allah..

  6. Nyzal dah sihat...syukurrr


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