Addicted to books by Cecilia Ahern

After quite some time I haven't read any novels, I was back on the track by making my first step on purchasing this Cecelia Ahern's product about 3 months back (after being recommended by Aida,thanks Aida!). The last novel I have read which was about 2-3 years back was the 'Da Vinci Code' and it was really something. Reading the novel was faaaar more exciting and thrilling compared to the movie itself.

After finished reading 'Thanks to the Memories' within one week (?), I decided to search more books by this author as she has really touched my heart through this book that I've read.

Then. I found this one - 'A Place Called Here' and I managed to read the whole book within 1 day! This book was soooooo good, sooo different that I am willing to read it over and over again later. Well, what's next??? Of course, I did search for more of Ahern's books....

and I found this one 'Love,Rosie' or previously was titled 'Rosie Dunne'...however, maybe due to my high expectation from this author...I found that this book does not have the X-factor that I was looking for...sigh!

Nevertheless, I am still hoping to grab the following books(Where rainbow ends and If you could see me now) by Ahern soon and I am expecting to find the magical X-factor in those books...

at the same time, to inculcate the reading habit into my 10 year old daughter Syafiqah, I bought her the following books and she was very delighted to have them....and after finished reading both books and gave me the review on the books, she asked me for time around, I will buy english children novels for order to to help her improve her english language...


  1. erm...klu da ULAT BUKU..confirm tak leh berenti nyer kak..bagus lah tu..
    saya ni novel melayu confirm x minat..dulu masa kat U suka baca novel by christopher pike.tapi la nie da lama benar berenti.
    ada cuba nak membaca semula wlu novel yg banyak gila kat umah kakak saya tu pun lom membuat minat kembali berbunga...

  2. hehe...lom terlambat lin nak cambahkan balik minat tuh..sbb klu minat mmg dah terbuku, anytime leh dtg akak skrg nih..dulu kt kliuc x minat lak nk membaca..kt sini sbb sll lone ranger kot...hubby lak jauh kan...bila anak2 dah tido mlm,xde sape2 nk berbual,membaca je la kejenya :)

  3. kak ina...
    nama anak sulung kita sama ar.. syafiqah ek...?? ehehhe

  4. jodi picoult - my sister's keeper. bacalah.. sungguh engaging. last2 tu berbakul2 airmata ku tumpah..

  5. ena

    ye ke?a'ah nama anak sulung akak syafiqah or nama panjang Nurul Syafiqah Huda :)

  6. ummi...
    tulah...mmg tingin nak baca gak...nnti nak carik n rembat


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