Happy Belated Birthday To Me...

Yesterday was my birthday...06 July...darling hubby was the first one to wish me...then came few text messages from my friends.my sister & my parent (who later gave me a call to wish me directly)...no celebration was done..I just cooked lunch as usual as hubby will travel back to KL after lunch..emm..what did i cook yesterday,huh?well, fish head curry, stir fry water spinach with shrimp paste and fried fish. hubby served a pitcher of orange juice and another pitcher of dragon fruit juice(he really love fruit juice).

What did i get for my birthday this time?hmm...i couldn't believe it myself...this is what i got...(i've planned to buy this after getting my annual bonus in October but i just kept it to myself, like a mind reader, hubby gave this for my birthday!!!)Thank you soooo much dear....

***in fact, we did celebrate 'our' birthdays by eating out on Saturday night at Ikan Bakar Lumut Restaurant...what we had were :

Tomyam Campur(mixed tomyam), Ikan Siakap Tiga Rasa(3 flavor seabass), Ikan Pari Bakar(grilled stingray), Kailan Ikan Masin(stir fry kai-lan with salted fish), Kangkung Goreng Belacan (stir fry water spinach with shrimp paste), Telur Dadar(fried eggs), Sambal Belacan & Ulam. For the drinks, hubby and kakak had apple juices, haiqal- orange juice, adam-watermelon juice, bibik-teh tarik and me-iced milo...the total cost was RM80.60...i thought it was expensive but darling hubby said it was okay...hmmm..whatever...the meal was reeeeaaaaally delicious anyway...


  1. semalam birthday ek..HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MY SISTA...muuahhh..
    semoga panjang umur dan dirahmati ALLAH amin...
    seronoknyerrrr sambut ngan hubby...kan

  2. mekasih lin yg jauh di mata dekat di hati...aminnnn

  3. happy birthday kak ina...
    Moga panjang umo n murah rezeki...
    Moga alysha dpt bfeed lama2 dgn ummi nyer...hehehhe

  4. aja..
    mekasih...insyaallah,moga dpt cukupkan 2thn bf alysha

  5. SALAM, K.Ina. Happy Belated Birthday. Lupa birthday akak semalam. Ni yang ke berapa ni? :) Moga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki dan hidup diberkati...

  6. salam anonymous (sape ni plsss...)
    a'ah bday semalam...dah makin tua dah..isk...pejam celik,pejam celik..tak lama dah nak masuk 40..erk...tuanya...thanx for the wish :)

  7. happy belated kak!
    wow, dapat laptop.. rezeki :)

  8. thanx aida...
    ada la ceritanya yg boleh tup2 dpt laptop tuh...mmg rezeki

  9. Akak...Anonymous tu SYikin la...Lupa nak letak nama. Ingatkan nama appear kat bawah (nama pun anonymous kan, apa lah Syikin ni...) Selamat Hari Lahir, akak ya? Doakan kat SYikin juga di sini...

  10. la syikin ke si anonymous tuh....hehe...yezza, all d best for you...x sabar tunggu syikin balik...nak panggil dr asyiqin la pasni :)

  11. Happy belated birthday kak ina.. Bestnya birthday present tu..

    -ceri merah-

  12. mekasih ceri...hehe...rezeki dtg bergolek..alhamdulillah


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