A day in Cameron Highland

(bila tgk pic nih baru perasan, ramainya anak-anakku..hehe..alhamdulillah...rezeki Allah nak bagi...semoga semuanya emnjadi anak-anak yang soleh dan solehah dan berjaya dalam hidup..aminnnn)

On the way to CH

At the tea plantation

Pikir apa le tuh Adam? Alysha safe and sound in the sling.

'Have some tea pleaseee'

This is how we pluck tea leaves la Ayah...

Can I bring all these tea leaves back ,Ayah?

Kids with their 'nephews'

After the failure of the first plan to CH last school holidays, I proposed again to Mr Hubby about going to CH on Saturday as none of the kids have ever set their feet on CH. We invited Mr Hubby's niece and family from Seri Manjung as well to join us. I fried 2 packets of meehoon, 2 dozens of frozen curry puffs and a dozen of 'cucur badak' (rhinoceros sweetmeats???harharhar)..We should have departed from my house at 10am but Ila(the niece) only reached our house at 11.30am.We reached Tanah Rata at 12.50pm, did some shopping on vegetables and strawberries while the kids enjoyed their chocolate dipped strawberries and honey lollies.
We started going down Ch at 4.30pm, stopped by at Riamoda Simpang Pulai (grabbed nothing,none that I like), had showers and performed prayers at my house and finally off we went to ikan Bakar Lumut for dinner...not to forgot that I did an express 30 minutes shopping at Giant Seri Manjung at 10.30pm to buy some important groceries before we headed back home...(rasa macam tv game dulu tuh-Supermarket Sweep-i really lurve this game show).....


  1. kak ina...suka nyer saya tgk picture yg 1st tu..'besar' family akak kan..
    seronoknyer dapat jejalan kat CH..

    ermmm...kak ina nampak slim sehh

  2. lin

    tulah,dah jadik a Big Family dah kan

    selim???uwaaaa...put on weight la lin..tgh pk camne nak kuruskan badan nih..sejak fully bf alysha nih, asek nak makan jer...dah rasa cam dinosaur dah...sume nak baham hehe

  3. salam

    kak...bahagianyaaa...tumpang gembira....

  4. tapi tu tgk picture tu..akak nampak maintain jea...

    hehehe...mmg klu nyusu badan mmg asik nak makan jea kan kak..saya rasa gitu masa nyusukan Haziq masa saya dalam pantang dulu...tp seriusly saya mmg susut badan lepas habis pantang..
    tapi lanie....aduh..no komen..hehehe

  5. kehkehkeh...samo la kito nih lin..no komen jugak

  6. Wah CH.. Tempat percutian favourite saya dan hubby.. Akak duduk dekat pergi CH balik hari je ye..

  7. ye ke zurina..wahwah...tmpt percutian CH ek...mmg dekat je ngan rumah,bole daytrip je..


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