Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's 8th November!!!

(pic from Google search)

My Alysha Iman turns 4 today....

She is such an adorable daughter

An attention seeker, even to a stranger

My dear Alysha,

May Allah bless you with all the greatest things in the world.

Nothing brings us more happiness than the smile on your face. We want to see that smile on your lips forever
Thanks for bringing so much joy into our lives each and every single day

Daughters are warm like the sun, bright like the stars, cool like a breeze, and sweet as honey.

Who wouldn't love someone like that!

Happy Birthday our dear Daughter! We Love You!


  1. happy buffday alisya sayang ... ;)

  2. wah alysha.. happy birthday!! selamat menyambut hari kelahiran ke-4. yeay!! da besar ya.

    kak ina, mesti teringat time2 nak bersalinkan alysha. hehe... sungguh besar pengorbanan si ibu. tahniah juga utk kak ina :)

    semoga membesar menjadi org yg baik dan patuh kpd ibu bapa ya alysha.. amin.

  3. Nik,

    memang masih teringat sampai sekarang tiap kelahiran anak2...masih segar di ingatan semuanya
    AMIN atas doa Nik buat Alysha

  4. happy birthday alysha....semoga menjadi anak yg bijak :)

  5. Mieja

    thanks.....Amin atas doamu :D

  6. hepi belated besday Alysha... 3 bulan muda dr Anis ni... tp nampak bijak.. :)

  7. bib...mekasih....oo muda 3 bulan ye?


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