3 days at home

Initially, we planned to go back to our hometown in Sg Petani, Kedah for the Maulidur Rasul holiday. Unfortunately, when the kids brought back their 1st term exam timetable last Thursday, we instantly changed our minds. We knew that the kids will enjoy to their fullest being at their grannies’. Instead of going back to KL, we decided to stay here so that Ayah can closely monitor them doing their revision. This is one thing that I am so proud of Ayah…he is very much concerned on the kids’ studies and therefore…he will STRICTLY guide and coach them…Ummi is concerned too…but my weakness(which is known to the kids) is that I’m just unable to be that strict with them….for eg. After Ayah went back to KL at 12pm…the kids have been insisting me to play computer games….giving reasons that they have worked hard for the past 2 days…being me…yeah…I let them play the games….but on few conditions…they have to do more revisions from 2-4 pm…then only I let them watched cartoon on TV...and later allowed them to play the games at 6pm…hmmm…they needed to rest their minds too, didn’t they??? *giggle*

Out of the blue, when seeing the doughnut cutter hanging on the wall, Haiqal requested me to make some doughnuts…well, I have the basic ingredients already…why not? After all, it has been like ages since the last time I made doughnuts…I’ve tried a few times before but not up to my satisfaction….this time around, I tried to find a good doughnut recipes from the magazines that I have here but none that I found…so, I decided to just try on the ingredients that I have.

Everything went on very well and I was so excited to see the result…yeah…I have successfully made DOUGHNUTS at last…not too hard, not too soft…nicely rose...once fried, Kakak will coat the doughnuts with icing sugar+choclate rice....I managed to make 20 pieces of doughnuts...and to my surprise...the one who requested me to make doughnut -HAIQAL- ate 6 doughnuts himself...puas hati den nengok si Haiqal makan banyak


  1. alahai anak dara kak ina, sebijik muka uminya tau!!!

    p/s: boleh bagi resipi donut tak

  2. hihi aida

    nak tau tak?dulu kecik2 kuar sebijik muka jepun smp ayah akak panggey anak jepun
    dah besar sket sumer cakap muka hasben 110%
    now dah besar, sumer cakap muka akak
    lalalala gumbiranya

    nnti akak paste

  3. wah banyak tu 6 keyul mmg berbaloi k ina masak tu.. hihi

  4. mirah

    tulah..dahla dia tu fussy eater..bila dia makan banyak..sejukkk rasa hati


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