Wish Lists on My Birthday

Wish Lists on My Birthday...hemm..mine is July
Tagged by Arnie again...and again...I likeeeee :)

The rules :
1) Make a list of what u want on your birthday
2) The list should be 10 numbers
3) post the image of this award to your posting (mana awardnya? )
4) give it to 10 frens of yours

OK, here it goes...

1. I WISH -I am back to Semenyih for good...kembali di bawah satu bumbung as a family..*sob*

2. I WISH -to get a flower/a bouquet of flowers from hubby

3. I WISH -to dine out with hubby(without kids...just the two of us)

4. I WISH -to cook special meal for the family(for lunch...)

5. I WISH -to secure a better job or much better that I own my job(own business)and be a Work At Home Mom.

6. I WISH -to reward myself with SPA treatment

7. I WISH -to have Secret Recipe cake...makan puas-puas

8. I WISH -healthily enjoying themselves everyone in my family are happily,

9. I WISH -to be stress free, debt free and enjoy life to the fullest

10. I WISH- that all my wishes come true ...AMINNNNNN(sama cam Arnie)

and now, seperti biasa, dengan gembiranya ingin memanjangkan kepada...

1. N-norita
2. Bib-kakyong
3. Alizareesya
4. Iena Hamdi
5. Haslina
6. Erleyna
7. Idida
8. Adwindaa
9. Imtiyaz
10. FiBoCyNnO_gURL


  1. salam

    huhuh... tag lagi.. besday dah lepas dah...

  2. salam..akak pun dpt tag ni..belum buat lagi..

  3. hik hik...minta maaf memula sebab jarang dpt buat TAG dr kak ina...tp satu hari nanti isnyallah akan buat semuanyerrr...
    YM saya tgh problem la kak..

  4. takpe kakyong..besday tahun depan lak :)

  5. Anonymous...
    best tau buat tag ni..kekekek..masa utk berangan

  6. lin...
    akak akan terus tag lin hihi


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