Another tag - FIVE


5 things found in my bag:

-Maid's passport
-Panel clinic medical book
-A ballpen

5 things found in my wallet

-ATM Card

-Driving licence
-Passport pics of Syafiqah,Haiqal,Adam (pic hubby takde isk)

5 favourite things in my room

-My bed of course!
-My Ameda(yeah, i do the pumping in my bedroom)
-My laptop
-The mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all

5 things I've always wanted to do

-To be somewhere oversea(tmpt sejuk je tau)- either me or hubby further study
-To move back to Semenyih...our old home sweet home
-To enroll into a bakery class
-To be a WAHM-work at home being the boss
-To spend lots and lots of time with the kids without any limitation eg. need to go to work and work and work

5 things I'm currently into

-Supermom-weekday parent, weekend mom/wife
-Breastfeeding mom

-Clear away the mess on my desk (tutorials,assignments etc grrrr)

5 people to tag

-del adhaliana
-zety zin


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